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i want to snooze but i have to do yesterday's flashcards actually

I can't believe this injustice


Chitan, the PR mascot for Susaki City, has been fired after numerous complaints over the otter's chaotic, nonsensical videos


i dealt with the appointment thing and got praised a lot by the dr for navigating our bullshit system

you're not allowed to like mcdonalds now, thems the rules

yeah im a gamer
a gay
maximum gay
extremely gay
really gay

whats with japanese people and usernames with loads of numbers in them

okay im home
appointment is in an hour and a half

i got an appointment!! tgis shouldn't be such an achievement but we live in a society

something I've noticed with manga is that handwritten kanji don't generally have furigana and its kinda frustrating

I'm gonna switch to the Japanese version of komi-san since apparently it has furigana and I'm hoping for less of the bizarre language surrounding najimi

i didn't know crunchyroll was localising mobile games now

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