Hello, world! I have moved to The Bark House, a new mastodon instance that will soon be open to registrations. I will continue to keep my old account on open, but I will mainly use this account from now on.

I will begin sharing this instance to friends relatively soon, but for now I'll be the only user on here. I'm pretty happy with the domain name in particular!

I think I spent more time writing the Code of Conduct than I did actually setting up Mastodon...

@catgoat Thanks! I actually wanted, but that's apparently a reserved domain name on the .site TLD...

@earfolds I can't say that cause my asset precache got killed by the oom killer a million times :>

@the_gayest_doggo I've never used s3 before, so I had to read up on that, and then after I set it up I had to figure out what I did wrong about five or six times.

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